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  • What mode of payment will be accepted by you?
    I accept cash, email money transfer, cheque, or by money order, PayPal, Western Union if outside of Canada.
  • How do you accept payment?
    It is my policy to collect a payment up front to begin work. For most projects, I request a 50% down payment to schedule in work. I accept payments via bank transfer, PayPal or cheque. The exact details and terms will be provided in my proposal. I am flexible regarding payment plans, but the finished product will only be delivered when the final 50% has been collected prior to releasing the final artwork.
  • When can we get started?
    I only take on a few projects at a time to ensure that each client gets their deserved attention. Please send me an email to check my availability, as this changes all the time.
  • Will I have the rights for the logos you design? Also will I own the rights for the trademark?
    Absolutely! you will have complete rights over the finalized design.
  • How should I contact you to get a logo design done for me?
    There are few options for you. You can either fill out this form and send it across to me or send me a mail I shall get back to you with my reply within a day or sooner.
  • Can I get in touch with you via phone?
    Yes, surely. All my clients are provided with my personal contact number. They can feel free to contact me anytime between 9am and 10pm EST on weekdays (excluding the general holidays).
  • What are the different files I can expect to receive?
    Shall provide you final files in Ai, EPS, JPG, PNG, GIF, and TIFF. If you’re in need of specific file types please feel free to ask. I use industry professional software, so my services and deliverable files are flexible.
  • I am from another country. Will I be eligible to avail your services?
    It really doesn’t matter which country you belong to or which time zone you fall into. I will be available to provide my services to you. I have previously worked for clients belonging to different nationalities. I am also available on Skype.
  • Can we use (a particular copyrighted image, music, video, or application)?"
    Unless the copyright holder has given written consent for their material to be used, I will not comply to this request. I only use royalty free materials otherwise.
  • What is your privacy policy?
    I will NEVER sell or distribute your personal information in ANY way. My clients’ privacy is very important to me. I do however, reserve the right to quote your testimonial and feature your project on this website, unless you ask me not to.
  • How long will a website take to design?
    This is dependent on the size and complexity of a website. Small sites can usually be completed within two weeks, whilst larger sites may take up to two months. The quicker you are providing us with the requirements and responding to queries the faster it will be completed.
  • What are the requirements needed to start a website?
    Initially we will require a digital copy of your logo, photographs or other material you wish to include on your website. The content i.e. wording you wish to use along with any design ideas you already have.
  • Why do I have to pay a 50% deposit before any work starts?
    In the past we have been left without payment. Asking for a payment advancement, is a simple way of ensuring us that as a Client, you are committed to us as much as we are committed to you. This is also a way to prevent any Client from taking our designs to a competitor.
  • After I have paid you this money, what happens then?"
    We will create a final proof for you to discuss and approve. Once you have given us any relevant feed-back and approved the final proof, we will start work on the final design.
  • What is your usual turnaround time?
    Turnaround time depends on the complexity of the project. We will be able to give you a more specific timeline after consultation and project briefing.
  • What do you need from me to get going on my design?
    All we need to begin working on your project is, payment, and directions or ideas on how you want your design to look.
  • I needed something designed yesterday. Can you help me?
    We can usually accommodate your rush job depending on how full our production schedule is. To be fair to other clients, if a job already in production is interrupted by a rush job, we reserve the right to add an additional 50% – 100% on top of the normal price.
Frequently asked questions about hiring me
To save the time of my potential clients, I’ve answered most of the repetitive frequently asked questions that I receive. If you want some additional explanation, please do get in touch with me.
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