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Never be ashamed of your company's website and graphic designs again!


I will help you transform your material from Do It Yourself disaster to professional quality with creative graphic design and functional website design


Whether you are a new business looking for a quality graphic design, or print material and a professionally designed website or an established business wishing to update your marketing material online and off, I can help you achieve your material goals.

I ask that 50% is due before I start on your design. Once I have completed the work, the remaining 50% is due. I then hand over ownership of your logo to you.

Payment must be made in the following manner:

• Canadian Funds

• Cash, Email Money Transfer (Canada Only)

PayPal, Money Order, Western Union, or by Certified Cheque (Outside of Canada)

OPTIONS                                                                           DETAILS                                         PRICING

OVER 50% in Savings!



The above designs, DOES NOT include any printing of material, it is strictly for the design file. Printing of any material, ie: T-Shirts, Menu's, Business Cards, Flyers, Posters, Banners, ect. are done at an extra cost.

Please note that the pricing above is a guideline.  Some projects may require more or less time and effort and prices may have to be adjusted to reflect that.  


If you present your budget, a package deal can be arranged.

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